Tropicana Juice Commercial - Passion Pit "Carried Away"

Just like a good movie, a great commercial is supposed to make you feel good when you watch it and actually let you forget you're being advertised to. The Tropicana Juice advertisement featuring music from Passion Pit and their song Carried away is one of those. In this advert we see a man who is working at a supermarket dancing, smiling and moving to the groove of the music as he pushes a cart full of Tropicana juice bottles. He gracefully sways his way towards the refrigerator section as other people smile at his moves. Of course the song,


Original Commercial:


Carried Away" which is heard in the background, also helps to add to the viewers enjoying this commercial. We then hear the narrator say "Always chill, always delicious. Introducing Tropicana Farmstand. A great tasting fruit and vegetable juice for the whole family" then he ends with "Tropicana Farmstand, deliciously chilled".



Lyrics Used in Advert:

I get carried away

Carried away from you

Always let it get to my head


Original Song:


Kistunes is always impressed with how cleverly some ads are pitched to potential customers. The fact that Tropicana promotes their Farmstand line of juices in this ad without you feeling as you are being targeted is both shrewd and brilliant. There are two versions of this commercial as well. Unfortunately, we could not find any info in regards to the actors on this spot though. In the end, we were left with a smile on our faces as we watched the video of this commercial one last time. This of course, means that the creators of this Tropicana Farmstand advert have done their job.