Jeep Renegade 2015 TV Commercial

Featuring Band X Ambassadors & 'Renegades' Song


It's amazing how many great songs have come to be due to a commercial or a company behind it. The song we are mentioning is the one by the band X Ambassadors, the American alternative rock band from Ithaca, New York. The commercial song was explicitly written and produced for the company Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and their Jeep Renegade SUV.


Original Commercial:




Come Up With An Idea….


When companies get together with advertising agencies to come up with ideas for a campaign ad, they hope for the best. Many times, the commercials do not turn out the way they expected and turn out to be just another ad. However, once in a while, the advert turns to gold. Such is the case with this TV spot from the Jeep Renegade 2015 SUV. It is no secret that Fiat Chrysler always goes all out with their ads by using attention-grabbing music. There have been several done by them, especially during the Super Bowl TV when ads are widely watched and anticipated. This one particular ad though, has set the bar quite high for other companies.



And Then It Turns To Gold



Fiat Chrysler and Interscope records teamed up to create a campaign that would use the X Ambassadors band. Their idea was centered around a song called "Renegades." Interestingly enough, the band was working on a song by that same title and all worked out just perfect for everyone. Once the ad was made, the rest, as they say, was history. Upon the commercial being released, it instantly became a hit with viewers all over. They all immediately took to the web to search for the name of the band and the song. It ended up giving the Jeep Renegade SUV the attention it wanted (and then some). The advert also turned the X Ambassadors band even more popular.



Original Song:


The Song Which Became A Hit


Kistunes has gone over numerous songs in TV spots which were written and made exclusively for companies. These then turned out to become huge, popular hits. This is exactly what ended up happening here with the Brooklyn-based band X Ambassadors and their song "Renegades" used in the ad.  As of today, the song has about 36 million plus views on sites like YouTube. The tune also ended up winning several awards, including 2016 Billboard Music Award for Top Rock Song.




Lyrics Used in Advert:


Long live the pioneers

Rebels and mutineers

Go forth and have no fear

Come close and lend an ear

And I said hey

Hey, hey, hey

Living like we're renegades

Hey, hey, hey

Hey, hey, hey

Living like we're renegades

Renegades, renegades




Simple, But Effective

While the commercial is relatively simple, the song has become a huge hit for both the band and the Jeep Renegade brand. In the TV spot, we simply see the X Ambassadors band as they travel around the country in a Jeep Renegade (of course). Viewers get to see the band as they go through the process of going on tour while driving. The ad has been made into several other versions using the same song. Without a doubt, Fiat Chrysler and the Ambassadors band are the envy of many bands and companies out there. They can only wish their next commercial and song turn out to be this popular and well received.