Samsung - Galaxy S6 Edge "What Does Color Feel Like?" TV Spot

Featuring Song "Chester's Burst Over The Hampton" By Kishi Bashi

Just what does color feel like? This is a question which was posed by Samsung, the electronics multinational conglomerate company, to viewers in their commercial with the same name. Using the song by Kishi Bashi titled "Chester's Burst Over The Hampton" they unveiled their Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone to try and answer that question when this advert was first aired a few years ago.


Original Commercial -

The Rise Of Smartphones



The past few years have brought about an astounding rise in use of cellular phones all over the world. Advertisers for smartphones are all vying to get users to buy their devices. Samsung, one of the leading market share holders for sales and phone usage, has had a few good commercials featuring some of their phones. One of the commercials which we are going over is the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge "What does color feels like?" advert. The ad literally uses the Galaxy S6 screen throughout the entire commercial to try to answer what color feels like.




Original Song -



About The Song & Artist


The uptempo and fast paced violin sounds which the artist Kishi Bashi is known for, seems to be loved by not just his many fans, but electronic gadget companies. Several companies have ended up using the "Chester's Burst Over The Hamptons" and a few other Kishi Bashi's recordings for their products. The list includes Microsoft, Sony and Smart, just to name a few. One interesting fact about Kishi Bashi is that his name is actually a pseudonym of singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Kaoru Ishibashi.

Kaoru Ishibashi, released by Joyful Noise Recordings. is a self-recorded and self-produced project. Listening to the song's upbeat and beautifully played instrumental tunes, it is easy to enjoy the rhythm and sounds. Samsung's decision to use this particular tune for this ad was a great choice since it gave it that classical & luxurious feel to it.





Lyrics Used In Advert -



All day everyday breeding like a curse

you're still wrecking all our averages making us look worse







Selling Is The Name Of The Game


Judging by the record setting number of sales which Samsung enjoyed from their Galaxy S6 smartphone it is evident that the advertising campaign was a success. Of course, the fact that the S6 phone is such a great gadget helped as well. One thing is certain though; after watching this commercial, most viewers ended up wanting to purchase or know more about the Galaxy smartphone. And that in itself, is what advertising is all about.