Evian Water "Baby Bay" TV Commercial

Featuring Song ‘Kokomo’ By The Beach Boys

We have to admit it; when it comes to some of the cutest and adorable commercials with songs in them, Evian water gets a top spot. One of their most recent ads called "Baby Bay" is simply delightful, cute and charming. With the tune from the Beach Boys "Kokomo" as the background, the commercial is a winner.


Original Commercial:



Babies Rule The Waves


What if babies actually ruled the world? This is a questions viewers may be asking themselves once they see this commercial called "Baby Bay" by Evian water. In the ad, we see a man surfing on a beach where he loses control and nearly drowns. When he awakens from his surfing incident, his eyes immediately notice some babies around him who rescue him from the waves and water. As he looks on in total disbelief, his eyes glance all around the beach and he notices it is full of nothing but babies. The adorable and precious babies are all doing various activities on the beach. It is quite clear by now that in this beach, babies rule the waves.

The advert notches a 10 on our cuteness scale because after all, who doesn't love babies? Besides, the special effects are simply awesome and amazing. Some viewers (quite a few, actually) commented on the YouTube video for this advert about finding the babies 'creepy', 'freaky' or 'trippy'. After all, it's not everyday you get to see an ad with babies acting and looking like adults. In the end though, it is evident that people truly enjoy this commercial since the ad has already garnished more than a million plus views in just a few weeks.


Original Song:




Same Song, Different Artists


Now as far as the tune 'Kokomo' which was used in ad, we know that the song was originally recorded by the world famous Beach Boys. However, the version used in this advert was recorded and performed by the French alternative rock-pop duo Lilly Wood & The Prick. The new version is quite refreshing and just like the original song, very catchy. The musical pair sometimes go by the name LILLYWOOD and the members are named Benjamin Cotto and Nilli Hadida.




Lyrics Used in Advert:


Off the Florida Keys

there's a place called Kokomo

That's where you wanna go

to get away from it all

Bodies in the sand,

tropical drink melting in your hand

We'll be falling in love

to the rhythm of a steel drum band

Down in Kokomo


Aruba, Jamaica, ooh I wanna take you to

Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama

Key Largo Montego,

baby why don't we go

Ooh I wanna take you down to Kokomo,

we'll get there fast

and then we'll take it slow

That's where we wanna go,

way down in Kokomo.




Evian's Babies 'Live Young'


Using babies in their ads has been something that Evian Mineral water has been doing for some time now as part of their 'Live young' advertising campaign. As a matter of fact, Kistunes has gone over another great Evian commercial a few months back with a similar concept. Just like this one, that advert was very enjoyable and cute. Although some may find it a bit weird seeing babies rule the beach world and acting as adults, the campaign is a very good one. Anytime an ad can bring a smile to your face, make you wonder about it or both, then it is an advert well done.