2016 Honda Civic "The Dreamer" TV Commercial

With Song "Walking On A Dream" By Empire Of The Sun

Daydreaming is the concept behind the latest commercial by Honda which we are featuring here. The TV spot is for the 2016 Honda Civic and the name of the ad is "The Dreamer." The tune which accompanies this advert is by the group, Empire of the Sun and the tune is called "Walking On A Dream."


Original Commercial:



We All Dream A Little


This commercial offers viewers a glimpse of what's inside the mind of a car engineer. The ad focuses on a Honda engineer which appears to be drawing some sketches of cars. Using some very captivating and visually stunning special effects, we are taken for a ride inside of the engineer's mind. As if that wasn't awesome enough, the car ends up escaping from his vivid imagination and takes off. It soon begins going on a magical journey where all the viewers are welcome. In the background, we get to hear the great tune "Walking on a Dream" as the scenes unfold before our eyes. The ad itself is very well done since it resembles some sort of futuristic Hollywood movie.



Original Song:





Let's face it, all of us daydream or let our imaginations run wild once in awhile. The song used as background in this ad is quite appropriate and matches the concept perfectly. Although the song was originally released by the group Empire of the Sun back in 2010, Honda went ahead and used it for this ad. The Australian electronic music duo from Sydney first united together and formed in 2007. The lead singer's name is Luke Steele. Based on the many comments found on the YouTube video commercial, viewers really enjoyed the use of this song for this ad.




Lyrics Used in Advert:



Walking on a dream

How can I explain

Talking to myself

Will I see again

Is it real now

When two people become one

I can feel it

When two people become one

We are always running for the thrill of it thrill of it

Always pushing up the hill searching for the thrill of it

Is it real now





Many people end up following or finding videos on websites because of the songs used in them. Perhaps this may explain why so many advertisers use great tunes as background in commercials. This ad was very well done with all of the great special effects. The song used was also a very good addition to make it even more enjoyable.