Gucci Pre-Fall 2016 Collection TV Commercial

Featuring Song "Blind Dumb Deaf" By the Cocteau Twins

Leave it to Gucci, the Italian luxury brand of fashion, to debut their extravagant clothing line in this commercial by filming it in a glass dome. The famous designer gave fans and viewers a first look of their Pre-fall 2016 clothing collection in an ad recently. The advert also features the song "Blind Dumb Deaf" By the Scottish Rock band Cocteau Twins.


Original Commercial:


First Look Video Advert


According to the description found on the Gucci YouTube account, the Pre-Fall 2016 collection ad was shot and filmed in a glass-dome aviary. In the ad, we get to see some of the young, slim and beautiful Gucci models as they pose for the camera while wearing the pre-fall clothes. The commercial itself is quite simple as far as special effects excess often used by other companies goes. However, what it lacks in visual grandeur, is replaced by uniqueness, luxury and elegance.  

The models in the ad were all surrounded by wild plants and beautiful flamingos which wander around as the models showed their clothes. With scenes and settings resembling some sort of young, hipster movie, wild plants and piles of books are visible throughout the video shots.


Original Song:


The song used in the ad is called "Blind Dumb Deaf" and was originally recorded and released back in 1982. The tune belongs to the Scottish rock band Cocteau Twins and it came from their album "Garlands." With their confusing, yet easy to follow lyrics, the Cocteau Twins grabbed the attention of all who listened to this song. The Gucci Pre-Fall 2016 commercial, which was released on the company's YouTube channel back in March, 2016, has brought new followers and fans to the group. People who had never heard this song nor of the group before, truly appreciated being able to hear and enjoy this classic tune for the first time.



Lyrics Used in Advert


Blind dumb deafen offends

I was never a part of it

Blind dumb deafen offends

I was never a part of it



The Team Behind The Advert


The creative director for this commercial was Alessandro Michele. The florals, stripes and other stunning patterns, are all brought to life in this ad with marvelous exuberance. With their carefree attitude, the young and gorgeous models wear their surreal outfits perfectly. The 30-second Gucci short film was directed by Glen Luchford. If you have not seen the ad yet or have never heard of the song used in it, Kistunes recommends that you do so. We are pretty sure that you will enjoy them both.