Victoria's Secret 'Fabulous' Commercial

With Song Rock On By Artist David Essex

In case awards for the sexiest or hottest commercials were given out, we're pretty sure the Victoria's Secret 'Fabulous' Commercial would get one, or two.... perhaps all of them! This advert, from Victoria Secret registers a 10 in both sexy and hot on our scale and everyone else who watches it. Best of all, it also includes a great tune in the background.


Original Commercial:


Attention Grabber


If there were ever a series of ads which instantly catch viewers attention, they would be the ones from Victoria's Secret. The ads always feature some of the most beautiful, sexiest and hottest models in the world. And yes, stunning and sexy lingerie as well. Although Victoria's Secret manufacturers and markets women's premium lingerie, womenswear and beauty products, their ads are loved by men as well, not just women. So popular are their ads and clothing lingerie lines,  that the American company even has a top rated nationally televised show they do every year on TV.

While the Victoria's Secret ads are pretty straightforward, they are widely watched on both TV and video hosting sites like YouTube. In most of the commercials, we get to see underwear, some bras, and yes, a bunch of beautiful and gorgeous looking women modeling the lingerie.


Original Song:


We Hear But Mostly See It


Perhaps, this could be one of those commercials where most viewers (especially men) are so focused on the model & lingerie,  that the tune used in it will not even register on their heads. Still, the song "Rock On" by artist David Essex serves its purpose in this advert. Simple and candid, the lyrics used in the ad are only a few, “Rock on, Ooh my soul.” Nevertheless, one cannot help but stay glued to the screen as the gorgeous model in this advert looks into the camera and captivates our attention. Luckily though, we can hear with our ears, and watch with our eyes.



Lyrics Used in Advert:


Hey kid rock n roll

Rock on

Ooh my soul




Very Fabulous Indeed


Kistunes found out that the stunning supermodel featured in the Victoria's Secret commercial is named Behati Prinsloo. The ad itself is touting the lingerie maker's Fabulous bra and panties collection. Although the name 'Fabulous' refers to the line itself, most will agree that it can be applied to just about everything on the ad as well. From the beautiful Behati, to the song and entire advert, quite frankly, the ad is truly fabulous.