Volkswagen "Feeling Carefree" TV Commercial

Featuring Artist A-Ha and Song "Take On Me"

Let's be honest; there are ads you change the channel when they come on or don't much care for and then there are commercials which simply make your day. The Volkswagen "Feeling Carefree" TV ad is the latter - one of those ads you just truly enjoy. Although originally aired back in 2013, this ad is a classic which people still find very funny and entertaining.

Original Commercial:


Things You Should Know


Volkswagen set out to pay homage to the artist A-Ha in this commercial. The ad itself begins using several shots from their original video's song. This particular video was done mostly in drawings sequences. This commercial mimics the drawing scenes which the original A-ha music video from the 80's when the song was first released used. Since the Volkswagen ad is based on a man who is drawing or sketching photos of cars during a meeting, the correlation is obvious.


The really funny part of the ad is towards the ending when the man drawing finds himself singing out loud and offkey to the tune of the "Take On Me" song. It is during the meeting that realizes that he was actually singing out loud, and off key,  as he was lost in his sketching. He even lets out a "Was that me, was I singing....?" as the rest of the people in the room look at him incredulously. The actor who plays this part is named Brendan Hunt. He does appears to resemble the man in the original music video from A-Ha which is very interesting. The commercial was directed by David Shane. There are at least 2 other follow up versions from Volkswagen of this commercial which uses the same song, concept and actor.


Original Song:


Now About That Great Song



There is so much to say about the great song "Take On Me" which was used in this ad by Volkswagen. Although many people might not remember this song too much due to the fact that it was released back in 1986, this is one of most influential songs of that decade. The song is by the by Norwegian synthpop band A-ha. The video won six awards at the 1986 MTV Video Music Awards. Those included Best new artist, best concept in a video, most experimental video, best special effects, viewers choice and best direction. It was also nominated for two other awards. Many people actually credit MTV's powerful influence in the 80's for the success which this song ended up having. It was MTV's exposure of the great music video which made everyone who watched it fall in love with both the song and the video.






Lyrics Used in Advert:


Take on me, (take on me)

Take me on, (take on me)

I'll be gone

In a day or two




A Really Funny Commercial



For anyone who has not seen this commercial as of yet, Kistunes highly recommend that you watch it. It is very likely that doing so will cause you to chuckle, smile and laugh out loud. Perhaps you will end up doing a combination of all.