Amazon Prime - Lonely Horse Commercial

Featuring Sonny & Cher "Little Man" Song


For those that like or love horses, then the Amazon Prime "Lonely Horse" commercial is a must see. This advert not only features regular horses, but also a miniature one which is adorable. Best of all, the commercial uses the classic tune "Little Man" from the famous  60's couple "Sonny & Cher".


Original Commercial -


The Online Shopping Giant



Amazon has come a long way from several years ago. The popular online shopping site has increased its membership by the millions as well as its profits in the past few years alone. From their popular Amazon Kindle eBook reader to their Amazon Prime division, the Internet behemoth can do no wrong it seems. Their recent commercial continues their winning streak as many people who watched it have truly fallen in love with the tiny horse in the advert. Amazon Prime wanted to convey to viewers just how useful having a 'Prime' membership can be for them. One of the ways they have done this is by showing that they can get just about anything they order from them online quickly.  Also, that they have just about everything a person may need.


Original Song -


About The Lonely Horse



The Amazon Prime 'Lonely Horse' advert uses an approach on viewers which has proven to be effective for years. Using cute animals as the background to the story, commercials who have correctly used this concept have been very successful. Such is the case with this tiny and adorable lonely horse. In the ad, we first see a woman get a new miniature horse as she brings it to her farm where there are many other regular sized horses there already. To emphasize on how tiny the miniature pony is, the truck from which he steps out is huge. Once the tiny colt steps out of the truck and into the farm, the other horses begin to look at him/her with what appears to be disdain or mistrust. To make matters worse, once all the big horses approach the little guy and smell him, they all run away from him instantly. Feeling rejected, the tiny horse puts on a sad face which all viewers are now seeing via a close-up to his sad eyes. As the woman owner looks on with a worried look on her face, she logs into her Amazon app using her phone. The end result of what she orders and how the lonely horse now turns happy is truly delightful and enjoyable.






Lyrics Used In Advert -


Little man

When you stand by my side

Then I know I don't have

To hide from anyone






Interestingly enough, there is no dialogue used in the advert at all except for a few lyrics from the Sonny & Cher song. Perhaps this helped serve the purpose of the lonely feeling the tiny horse was experiencing which the makers of the ad were trying to convey to viewers. Whatever the case, Amazon Prime has proven once again that tugging at people's love for animals and choosing a great song can be a very successful combination.