Kohl's "I've Got The Music In Me" Commercial Featuring Jennifer Lopez

For those people that love great songs used in commercials,  today, we've got a good one for you here. The commercial in reference is from the American department store retail chain giant Kohl's. The song used in the ad is called "I've Got The Music In Me" by Jennifer Lopez.

Original Commercial:



Some Interesting Facts

Kistunes, the app designed to match the name of the songs used by commercials, found some really interesting facts about this commercial and the song used in it. While the ad is for Kohl's, one of the reasons J-LO was used is because it was her clothing line which was being promoted in the advert as well. Of course, Jennifer is also a very popular Hollywood and music artist so Kohl’s knows about name recognition. Miss Lopez, when questioned about the ad, said "We really broke down what I love for this collection and for springtime. It was very kind of ’60s and ’70s inspired.” This was in reference to the theme used in the ad which had that look and feel of the era she mentioned. Another thing some users may not know about the song used in this ad is that the it was originally recorded by The Kiki Dee Band. It was released back in 1974. Also, a few other artists such as Aretha Franklin, Heart, Thelma Houston, Celine Dion and Jordan Sparks covered the song as well.

Original Song:





Lyrics Used in Advert:


I heat up

I cool down

When something gets in my way I go around it

I got the music in me

I got the music in me

I got the music in me

Feel funky feels good

I wanna tell ya

I’m in the neighborhood

I got the music in me

Ain’t got no troubles in my life




An Advert Makes A song

We have seen many cases where a song used in a commercial became so popular or was sought after by viewers so much that the artist ended up recording it. This was the case in this ad since as soon after the commercial was released, many people began to make inquiries about the song. It wasn't long after that the Jennifer Lopez decided to record a full version and released it later. The fact is that many times a song makes a commercial and sometimes an ad makes a song. No matter which case may be, we the viewers, get to enjoy them either way.