The Cosmopolitan Of Las Vegas Commercial

With Funky Electro Song "Twilite Speedball" By Mos Def

This week we are checking out a commercial for the Cosmopolitan of  Las Vegas hotel and casino. The short, but very impressive advert is quite provocative to say the least. That may be due to the message which all commercials for Las Vegas tend to be about. The usual theme for Las Vegas commercials is that "What Happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas". Of course this is in reference to the wild partying, extra curricular activities and indulgences which most people who visit the resort town tend to get into once they are there.


Original Commercial:



Funky Song, Wild Commercial


The commercial itself has a very catchy tune which uses no lyrics in the ad whatsoever. However, the uptempo funky electro beat is one of those rhythms you can't seem to get out of your head after you watch this ad. The tune is called "Twilite Speedball" by Mos Def from his album "The Ecstatic"


The ad itself tends to resemble some sort of a "James Bond" movie more than a commercial. This may be due to the dark theme used as a template to the advert. In the ad, we see a beautiful blond woman as she begins to dance to the beat from the "Twilight Speedball" tune. As she starts to move, a man reading a newspaper looks up to her with a subtle surprised look. Using mirrors as optical illusions, we are left with the impression that we are watching 3 different women, instead of one. The best part of the ad is another woman playing the drums to the beat of the song as well. Due to optical illusions however, we again see what appears to be 3 women playing the drums instead of just one. It is hard to imagine anyone watching this ad and not being overtaken by the uptempo funky beat. The final ending of the commercial features some text which says "Just the right amount of wrong" as if enticing the viewers of what’s waiting for them in Vegas.


Original Song:



Lyrics Used in Advert:

None - No lyrics used in commercial



What Happens In Vegas..... 

It goes without saying that this advert and the concept behind it are aimed at adults. Most people are pretty well aware of the kind of adventures one can have once they go to Las Vegas. Numerous viewers have made a few queries into who the girl featured in the ad is. Kistunes, the app designed to match the name of the songs used by commercials, found out her name is Elle Joslyn. Elle is a London-based fashion model who has worked in several other commercials as well. With the funky uptempo tune, the hot model and dark theme, this commercial is a winner.