Christian Dior - Miss Dior Cherie TV Ad

With Brigitte Bardot Song "Moi Je Joue"


The following commercial we are reviewing is not a new one since it was first aired back in November 2008. However, it is still one of those ads that we get questions about the song from viewers so we felt compelled to write about it. The ad we are referring to is the 'Miss Dior Cherie' by Perfume maker and designer Christian Dior.


Original Commercial:

Great Tune In Any Language



One of the things that makes this ad particularly interesting is that the song used in the advert is not sung in English, but French. The honors of the song being used goes to the French former actress, Hollywood starlet, singer and fashion model Brigitte Bardot. Miss Bardot is recognized as a sex symbol of the 1950's and 1960's era.  The name of the tune is "Moi Je Joue" and it was first released back in 1964. While the song is in French, you do not have to speak the language to actually appreciate the tune and like it.


Filmed In Paris


The Miss Dior Cherie TV Ad featured the fashion model Maryna Linchuk. In the ad, we see the beautiful blond as she happily walks, shops and moves all around the streets of Paris where the commercial was filmed. Sofia Coppola directed Maryna and the commercial which was Sofia's debut as director. In one scene in particular in the end of the ad, we see model Maryna as she is dragged into the air by a bunch of balloons she's holding on to. We also see her wearing various elegant outfits as well. Of course this all goes to the fact that Chrstian Dior is a designer. 


Original Song:






Lyrics Used in Advert:


Moi je joue

Moi je joue a joue contre joue

Je veux jouer a joue contre vous

Mais vous, le voulez-vous?

De tout coeur

Je veux gagner ce coeur a coeur

Vous connaissez mon jeu par coeur

Alors defendez-vous





WIth the explosion of cellular phones and other devices where users can easily connect to the Internet, commercials and other things now become more popular than ever. Many things now become instant hits by going viral. We wonder how much more different things would have been for this ad had it been released 2 years or so ago. Still, other than the song used being in a different language, this advert is simple compared to many others these days. Nevertheless, you are sure to enjoy the great song used in it.