Honda Ridgeline Truck "Singing Sheep" TV Commercial

With Song "Somebody To Love" by Queen

It is now safe to say that this year's Super Bowl 50 has given us some really great commercials. The Honda Ridgeline Truck "Singing Sheep" commercial was an instant hit with viewers from all over the world. Honda's advertising campaign called 'A new truck to love' left viewers truly loving the herd of adorable singing sheep.

Original Commercial =


An Instant Classic Made


Years from now, when people write or talk about great moments on TV or epic & classic commercials, they will surely pick this one as one of them. In truth, most people were so enamored with the beautifully computerized singing sheep, that they forgot the ad was for a Honda truck. In the ad, we first see a man arrive in the country where there are hundreds of sheep flocked together. He opens the back of the truck and lets out a few more sheep who jump out and join the other ones. The man, and his dog, quickly jump back on the truck and leave. As he drives away, the sheep appear to stare at the truck as it leaves.


Original Song =

The Singing Sheep


On cue, a single sheep steps forward and begins to sing by letting out a "Woo, ooh, oooh" in acapella mode. A second sheep then starts to sing the lyrics "Each morning I get up I die a little, can barely stand on my feet" from the song "Somebody To Love" originally recorded by the rock group Queen. Immediately, all of the other sheep join in singing in a perfectly orchestrated chorus. By now, the viewers are seeing and hearing all of the sheep singing the song. The commercial is so awesome for numerous reasons. Aside from being so original with the sheep singing bit, there's also the beautiful way which the song is delivered. Kistunes is unsure who actually sang the song in the advert since it is other people's voices which were used as opposed to the original Queen's version. However, this is what helps to also make it that much better. The singing, whoever it was performed by, was perfectly sung and delivered. The original song used in the ad was written by the group Queen's lead singer and pianist Freddie Mercury. The song used was taken from Queen's  ‘A Day at the Races’  1976 album.


Lyrics Used In Advert =

Each morning I get up I die a little

Can barely stand on my feet

(take a look at yourself)

Take a look in the mirror and cry

Lord what you're doing to me

I have spent all my years in believing you

But I just can't get no relief,


Somebody, somebody

Can anybody find me somebody to love?


These Sheep Stole The Show

We definitely understand the fuzz (no sheep pun intended) behind this ad being so well liked. It is a great commercial with an appealing & classic tune. The fact that so many great commercials with awesome songs attached to them were aired during this year's Super Bowl 50 was also a good thing for fans. This is, in part, because this year's game did not deliver the offensive explosion from the Carolina Panthers many were waiting for. Nevertheless, they at least have the great commercials to remember the big game by. The ending of the ad also left those watching surprised and chuckling out loud. If haven't done so already, we suggest you watch this ad and enjoy it. Because by now, it is evident that sheep are no longer just going to be used for being counted on for sleeping purposes. At least these sheep, they want to sing.