GEICO "Final Countdown" TV Commercial

Featuring Tune "The Final Countdown" by Europe

If there's an advertizer which has made their commercials very successful through wit, great songs and humor it’s Geico, the insurance company. One of those ads, "Final Countdown" is the most recent in a series of commercials most of us have grown accustomed to from Geico. The ad features the hit song "The Final Countdown" from the Rock group Europe.


Original Commercial -


Commercials Are Part Of Us


While numerous people may find most commercials annoying or boring, they are the way viewers can find out about products and services they may need or want. Still, there are those ads which make you laugh, giggle or simply enjoy them. Whatsmore, certain ads use catchy songs or tunes which had previously been huge hits to make the commercial even more alluring & amusing. Geico has perfected the concept as they usually combine all three into all of their ads. This particular advert in question takes place in a lunchroom of an office. The office appears to be just another everyday workplace break room. In the ad, we see a man standing by the microwave as he begins to heat up his lunch, a burrito. As he plays with his cellular phone while waiting for his burrito to heat up, the tune from "The Final Countdown" song begins to play. On cue, he looks around to see where the music is coming from. Out of nowhere, the band Europe appears in the office break room as they perform on a stage. The viewers are given a wide shot of the lunch room which shows numerous people sitting there watching what's unraveling before them. With sparks flying from the stage, the band rocks on singing the song loudly.

We then hear a Voice-over come on using a man's voice which says "If you're the band Europe, you love a final countdown. It's what you do. If you want to save 15% or more on car insurance, you switch to GEICO. It's what you do."

Of course, most of us who watch Geico commercials are all too familiar already with their motto and the "It's what you do" line.




Original Song -




Lyrics Used in Advert:



It's the final countdown


the final countdown





Humor Makes Ads Great

Kistunes, the app designed to match the name of the songs used by commercials, knows that viewers (and us) really enjoy ads such as these. Most successful commercials usually use humor to get viewers to enjoy them so they forget they are being advertised to. One really funny part of this advert is towards the ending. An older woman who had a really serious expression on her face at the beginning, is now seen grooving to the rhythm of the song. The even funnier part, is that she still has a serious looking expression on her face and that her co-worker, another serious looking woman, looks at her incredulously.

Geico Is On A Roll!

This is our second commercial from Geico we have featured here already recently. We hope the insurance conglomerate continues to make great ads, with catchy tunes and funny situations. After all, being able to enjoy an ad is one of the great things about watching Television.