Xbox 360 - Gears of War "Mad World Trailer" Commercial

Tune Used In Ad: "Mad World" By Gary Jules

When you have a commercial which is so good that it makes people instantly rush out to buy the product being advertised, then you know it is a huge success. Such was the case with this beautifully filmed classic from Microsoft's X-Box 360 division. The ad in question is called "Mad World Trailer" for the epic game "Gears Of War".



Original Commercial =


Buy Me An XBox Please!

Within months of this trailer commercial being aired, the sales for the X-Box 360 consoles spiked dramatically. This was due to the trailer being so well received, as well as the game itself. Critics all over the world praised this epic piece of film (even though it was animated) for various reasons. For the younger kids who saw the ad, they immediately fell in love with the captivating graphics displayed during the trailer.  It seemed that every person who saw the ad wanted or went out and purchased the console which was offered with the game "Gears Of War" at the time. For the most part, everyone who watched the trailer ad was so blown away by the breath-taking graphics and production. In fact, most viewers had a hard time believing it was an ad for a video game at first.

Original Song =





Lyrics Used In Advert =



All around me are familiar faces

Worn out places, worn out faces

Bright and early for their daily races

Going nowhere, going nowhere

Their tears are filling up their glasses

No expression, no expression

Hide my head I want to drown my sorrow

No tomorrow, no tomorrow

And I find it kinda funny, I find it kinda sad

The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had

I find it hard to tell you, I find it hard to take

When people run in circles it's a very very

mad world mad world





Song & Add Beautifully Combined

Of course, one of the reasons the ad was also so well received was due to the awesome soundtrack used to accompany it. The song used in the ad was "Mad World" by Gary Jules. The tune was part of the soundtrack from the very popular and critically well received Hollywood movie "Donnie Darko". Every once in awhile you get an ad which combines both the graphics or film so well with the song used that it makes it a perfect combination together. This is the case in this commercial as the dark, sadness feeling one gets when listening to the tune takes effect. Perhaps the popularity of the movie also served as a background to boost the sales for the game and console as well as the likeability of the ad too.

A Tribute To A Classic

Although this is an old ad which was originally aired back in 2006, we felt compelled to write about it. One of the reasons behind this decision is based on the fact that Microsoft is paying tribute to this ad in a new version of the trailer commercial. The new ad will be for the “Gears of War: Ultimate Edition” game of for the Xbox One game console. The new trailer uses the same song as the original. However, According to GameSpot, there are some major changes between the two videos and commercials. One thing is for sure though; you do not have to be a fan of the Xbox console or even the Gears of Wars games series to truly appreciate this epic and classic trailer as well as the beautiful song used.