PayPal "New Money in Town" Commercial

Featuring Song "Confident" By Demi Lovato.


This year's Super Bowl 50 has given us many great commercials for us to match songs to thus far. This new advert we are reviewing from the Online payment system PayPal, is the latest to join our list. So far, Kistunes, the app which helps users find the names of the songs used in ads, has covered about four spots which have aired during Super Bowl 50.


Original Commercial -



Move Over Old Money


PayPal had never advertised during the big game before. However, their first entry spot was a very unique, stylish and eye catching piece of work. The electronic payment conglomerate used this ad to tell people it is time to get used to electronic transactions and that electronic payments are here to stay. With a combination of dynamic text appearing as the ad begins and ends, their message was very clear; make room for the new, and out with the old. To add to the vivacity & pizazz which oozed from the commercial, the uptempo tune "Confident"  from artist Demi Lovato was used in the advert. However, it was only an instrumentral version of the song which was heard in the background. The song Confident, was the title track and second single from Demi Lovato's fifth studio album. Also, the soundtracked version used was produced by Kanye West himself.


Original Song -




Lyrics Used In Adver -



NONE - Instrumental version only



Change Is Here


No doubt that the positive reviews and feedback which the ad has received will probably have PayPal advertise in next year's Super Bowl again. The positive reviews are in spite the fact that no song lyrics or talking was ever done during the PayPal commercial. Using big and large bold text messages was enough, it seems. One thing is for certain though; with technology on the rise each year as cellular phones and electronic gadgets usage continues to explode, this new money idea is sure to continue to catch on. The high-energy and fast-paced commercial from PayPal understands that people and the times are changing. Those who do not jump on the fast moving tech train, are sure to be left behind. We’re just glad that such a cool song was used on this commercial to help make it that much more likable.