Heinz Ketchup "Weiner Stampede" TV Commercial

With Song "Without You" by Harry Nilsson

If there's one thing you can expect from the ads aired during the Super Bowl, is that you will truly enjoy at least one or two. This is the case with the Heinz Ketchup "Weiner Stampede" commercial which aired during Super Bowl 50 last month. The advert has been a huge success for the ketchup company. For one thing, the ad has created a huge buzz on social media sites as well as in many sites and numerous blogs. 


Original Commercial


Because Dachshunds Are So Cute



Using animals in ads works very well as the formula has been proven to work before several times. In truth, one of the  most viewed ads of all time on YouTube, which we covered here, featured cute and adorable animals in it. This Heinz commercial used hundreds of adorable dachshunds and dressed them all up in hot dog costumes.


The ad first begins with a single cute little dachshund running on a field as the beautiful song "Without You" by Harry Nilsson plays in the background. With the tune playing on, those watching the ad are immediately anticipating some sad results since the song has that kind of feel to it. However, within seconds of the first puppy appearing, we begin to see hundreds of them running towards the same direction. The cute little puppies are all wearing the same hot dog costumes which in itself is truly adorable to watch. The next screenshot shows where the dogs are finally running towards; a bunch of men, women and a child dressed up in various different Heinz products. From the tomato ketchup to the yellow mustard, the characters are all smiling and grinning as they await the arrival of the dogs.


Original Song:






Lyrics Used In Advert:


No, I can't forget this evening

Or your face as you were leaving

But I guess that's just the way the story goes

You always smile but in your eyes your sorrow shows

Yes, it shows

I can't live if living is without you

I can't live, I can't give anymore

I can't live if living is without you

I can't give, I can't give anymore



A Very Successful Campaign

This advertising campaign, created by the DAVID Miami agency, is all part of the larger ‘Meet The Ketchups’ line of ads Heinz has been releasing the past few months. It has been very successful with many people finding it really funny and enjoyable. However, using the dogs and the concept of them running to ‘Meet The Ketchups’ was a stroke of genius. The ad has already garnished over 6 million plus views on YouTube and it has been shared on social media sites millions of times as well. Furthermore, the vast majority of comments which we find about the commercial are all very positive. People write about gushing over the dogs and how cute they all are. Still, we cannot forget the song as well. While some may have found it odd that this particular song was used, the depth of the lyrics is what makes it relevant.

Kistunes,  the app designed to match the name of the songs used by commercials, and the entire staff, had a great time reviewing and watching this particular ad. We know that if you haven't done so already, you will too.