Volkswagen Passat "Permission To Marry" Commercial

Featuring Song "Rude" By Magic!

A funny thing happened on our way to watching a TV commercial; we laughed out loud while watching it. We are referring to the new ad from the German automaker Volkswagen, featuring their new Passat vehicle. The commercial is titled "Permission to Marry" with a 'tongue in cheek' lesson about awkward moments in life. The ad deals with an example of just how difficult it can be for a person to try and ask the father of a bride for their daughter's hand in marriage. The wittily and culminating song to accompany this ad is none other than  "Rude" By Magic!


Original Commercial:

A Difficult Situation



The ad begins with two men inside of a vehicle driving on a highway. One is the boyfriend of the daughter of the second man who's driving the car. The first man thanks the father for inviting him to a fishing trip to which he responds "Thank Mary" referring to his daughter. As if on cue, the clearly nervous boyfriend says "Speaking of Mary, there's something I wanted to talk to you about". However, the father quickly interrupts and responds "Well, we've still got 11 hours till we stop" The next few seconds are hilarious as the man clearly wants to ask the father permission to marry his daughter. The father however, is intent on disrupting his intentions by instead continuing to talk about the features the Volkswagen Passat has to offer. Frustrated by the obvious shrewdness to keep the soon-to-be son-in-law from asking his very important question, the man raises the volume on the radio higher.  Sagaciously though, the song playing on the radio is none other than "Rude" by Magic!. The lyrics are perfect for the awkward moment between the two men as the commercial ends.


Original Song:


Lyrics Used in Advert:



Marry that girl

Marry her anyway

Marry that girl…







Commercials Imitate Life



The geniuses behind this funny advert are the DDB Agency. Of course many people have searched for the name of the song used in this commercial. Luckily for them, sites and apps like Kistunes, which is designed to give the name and title of the songs in commercials, do so for them here. It is sometimes hard to get the name of the song and the artist who sings them in a commercial. Especially if there are only a few quick lyrics used in the ads as is the case here. Still, Kistunes does all the work for everyone and anyone looking for the name of the songs used in adverts. If you are looking for a good laugh, we suggest you watch this commercial. Seeing just how difficult it can be for anyone trying to ask for the hand in marriage of the one they love may make them think twice about doing it. Or at least making sure they won't do it while driving on a long fishing trip in a new car with numerous features.