Target TV Ad "Groove is in the Heart"

With Song By Charli XCX and Black Thought

One company which always uses great songs and catchy tunes to spice up their commercials is Target. The discount retailer's TV ad called "TargetStyle Spring 2015" has drummed up a lot of buzz as well as a lot of social media activity. Target went ahead and churned out a new version of the 1990 pop hit song originally recorded by Dee-Lite. However, in the commercial from Target, they ended up using a new version which was produced by Questlove (The Roots). The vocals are sung by Charli XCX and Black Thought, who is also from The Roots.


Original Commercial:



New Version, Same Results


It is not uncommon for companies to use different versions of songs in their ads. Still, the new version put forth in this commercial is very good since they used such two very talented artists. Kistunes, the app designed to match the name of the songs used by commercials, truly enjoyed the new version as recorded by them. Immediately after the commercial first aired, many viewers took to social media to inquire about the ad, the song and the cute little girl which is seen in the ad. This is exactly what most companies are looking for when they create and ad for TV these days. Any ad which provokes interest, causes people to wonder who sings the song or stirs up buzz on the internet is a success. Businesses know that any publicity is good publicity; especially free. Not having to pay for your ad being shared, liked, commented on and viewed is a dream come true for companies. Target managed to do all of the above in this advert.


Original Song:



Stylish And Colorful Advert


The ad itself begins with an adorable little girl standing by an oversized handbag and  wearing an oversized shirt as well. She then puts on a pair of also oversized sunglasses as she smiles into the camera and walks away. Soon after we see a message on the screen which says "All grown up. TargetStyle". Within seconds we then begin to see grown up women strutting their stuff in different outfits. Of course there are also images of dining wear, cutlery and other things.


Lyrics Used in Advert:

The chills that you spill up my back

Keep me filled with satisfaction when we're done

Satisfaction of what's to come

I couldn't ask for another

No, I couldn't ask for another

No, that's right

One, two, three, groove

Groove is in the heart

Sing it, groovy

Groove is in the heart

That's right

Groove is in the heart


Groove is in the heart


It is safe to say that this advert has been a successful one for Target. Most of the comments seen on Social media and the YouTube video of the commercial, prove that. The only negative feedback some users had was that Target or the artists who re-recorded the song did not release their own version of the tune. That in itself says that if people want the full version of the song, then the ad is a hit.


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