Fiat Abarth Commercial "House Arrest" With Charlie Sheen

Featuring song "Dog Scratched Ear" by Henry's Funeral Shoe

So what happens when you take a bad boy like Charlie Sheen, the Fiat Abarth car, a great song and a bunch of gorgeous models in a house? You get a brilliant commercial that's really funny and likable as is the case here. The advert we are referring to is called "House Arrest" from Fiat, the Italian automaker; with funny man and bad boy Charlie Sheen. When this commercial first debuted back in 2012 during the Super Bowl, Charlie was in the midst of some real controversy. He was facing some issues with his then hit show "Two and Half Men" as well as some other personal problems. Mr Sheen is frequently in the news for his personal problems with alcohol, women and of course, women. Thus this explains the concept or storyline used in the ad.




Original Commercial:


Fast Cars And Gorgeous Women



In the ad, we first see a shot of a very beautiful home with dozens of gorgeous women fraternizing all around. In the background, we hear the song "Dog Scratched Ear" by Henry's Funeral Shoe. We then see the house begin to tremble and rattle from the roar emanating from a Fiat Abarth car. The car is seen driving wildly throughout the house making all kinds of spins and speeding all over. As the women in the house cheer and clap, we see the car come to a full stop. The next shot is of  Charlie Sheen triumphantly emerging from the car with a smile on his face. Viewers also get a glimpse of Charlie's ankle bracelet which of course ties in with the name of the ad "House Arrest" (It is also in reference to his real trouble with the law and his real house arrest).


As Charlie steps out of the car, a smiling beautiful and tall brunette gets real close to him and he hugs her. He then turns to the camera and says "I love being under house arrest". Mr Sheen  then looks intently into the woman's eyes and ask her "What do I get for good behavior?".



Original Song:

Please Name That Song

You would think that with a song being used in a commercial which has no lyrics that too many people would not notice. However, that is not the case here at all. The "Dog Scratched Ear" song, aside from having a really funny title to it, also features a band with a weird name; Henry's Funeral Shoe. Still, upon hearing the original song's hard bass, most viewers watching the ad were blown away and intrigued. Many took to the internet to find out about the artists as well as the name of the song. As you know, most ads never include that kind of information regarding songs used in them. Also, often times, songs are re-recorded by different artist other than the original or the tunes changed somewhat. Thankfully,  Kistunes, the app designed to match the name of the songs used by commercials, helps users everyday find them.





Lyrics Used in Advert:


None - Only instrumental version used




Of course, adding Charlie Sheen to the mix had a lot to do with the commercial being so well liked too. Kistunes, does not recommend anyone watching actually taking their car and driving it around their house. That is  of course, unless you are Charlie Sheen.