Bud Light's Cool Twist TV Commercial

Featuring Song "Ten Feet Tall" By Afrojack Ft Wrabel

When it comes to debuting an Ad, there's no better program for advertisers to have it air it on than during the Super Bowl. Although the average prices for a 30 second commercial cost around $3.6 Million, it is the most watched program in the USA and the world. The Bud Light's Cool Twist TV Commercial debuted back in 2014 during Super Bowl 48. Featuring a new aluminum bottle with a 'cool twist' cap, the beermaker wanted viewers to appreciate the new bottle and a great song. The tune Accompanying the ad is the memorable and groovy  "Ten Feet Tall" by Afrojack featuring Wrabel.


Original Commercial:


New Bottle, Great Song



Most Bud Light beer drinkers were really blown away by the cool looking new bottle. For one thing, besides the new cap allowing it to be reclosable, you also had the eye catching blue color bottle. Beer bottles or cans tend to remain the same since most companies aren't really willing to change containers. This is due to several reasons, one being cost, and the the other continuity. However, Bud Light wanted to try something new which may explain why they went with the different design.

While most people who saw the commercial for the first time may not have been beer drinkers, the majority enjoyed this advert based on the great tune heard in the background. Aside from being a cool song to listen to, it also has a great inspiring message hence the name "Ten Feet Tall". This is in reference to feeling good about yourself, being confident and staying positive.



Original Song:






Lyrics Used in Advert:



Ohhh ohh ohhh

I'm ten feet tall

Ohhh oh ohhhh

I'm ten feet tall






The energetic and upbeat tempo used in this ad by Budweiser is very refreshing (no pun intended) and quite contagious. Based on comments found on the places where the video of the ad were published, most viewers truly enjoyed the commercial. Of course that has to do with Afrojack's popularity and his song being so well liked. You don't have to be a beer drinker to enjoy this commercial; just someone who appreciates great songs.