Old Navy "Girls In Loft" TV Commercial

With Song "Maybe Tonight" by Nicole Atkins

Some of us here at Kistunes, the app designed to match the name of the songs used by commercials, were feeling a bit nostalgic this week. We then set out to search for a commercial with a great track from a few years back. We ran into this ad featuring the awesome tune "Maybe Tonight" by Nicole Atkins. The commercial is from the apparel company Old Navy and the name of the ad is "Girls In Loft".


Original Commercial:





The MTV Generation


It is hard to believe that when MTV first came on the scene, it was actually the only place where you could watch music videos. As MTV evolved and became more and more influential in both music, trends and fashion, the music channel took off. Pretty soon, events such as the 'MTV Awards' or the 'MTV Music Awards" became the place everyone wanted to be seen attending or watching. The concept in this commercial from 2008 is about that. In the ad, we see a young woman from the Old Navy Trophy Girls as she finds tickets in her hallway for the MTV awards show. The tickets are compliments of Old Navy, of course. The smiling and excited girl quickly calls her friends to let them know they are all going to the show. The next few scenes shows various girls taking out clothes from Old Navy shopping bags as they excitedly get ready. The women are all in a loft apartment as they try on different clothing and prepare for the event.


The Song Makes This Ad Great



While all this is going on, we hear the epic classic song "Maybe Tonight" by Nicole Atkins blaring in the background. The beautiful tune helps to add to the intensity one feels as the women get ready for the magical moment. When it comes to advertising and commercials, in many cases, you have ads which are simply awesome. However, there are ads, where the song becomes the reason for the commercial being so well liked and remembered. We believe the latter to be true for this Old Navy ad. There is really nothing that makes the commercial stand out in such a way to cause anyone to really want to keep watching. But, with the beautiful song playing in the background, that all changes.

Original Song:









Lyrics Used in Advert:



I foresaw you like an old ghost story


From my family tree that was handed down to me

But patience bounds an eternal stone

You were meant to be mine

I draw a dual with the cards of the gods

That were played in fate and time


I know we'll meet again

Maybe tonight

Just tell me where and when

I know it's never sure

Maybe tonight

Maybe tonight






Commercials have changed quite a lot since 2008. Most of them are now created to make us laugh, smile or enjoy them on their own; the song only being a supporting part of them. Still, there are many commercials that without the song used, they would quickly be forgotten or not want to be watched again by the viewers. While this is a great Old Navy ad, we like to thanks Nicole Atkins for the great song.