Nationwide Insurance - Toddler Commercial

Song Used in Commercial - "You Don't Know Me" by Ben Folds (Featuring Regina Spektor).

What happens when you take a bunch of little kids and put them in stressful, adult situations? You get a well liked and super cute advert which everyone seems to enjoy. We are referring to the Nationwide Insurance "Toddler" TV commercial which has many folks talking about it.

The creative minds behind this popular ad for Nationwide are the McKinney advertising agency. The song used in the ad, "You Don't Know Me" is by Ben Folds (Featuring Regina Spektor). For anyone looking to find the name of the song in any commercial, Kistunes can do so for you. Our app is designed to match the names of the songs with the ads you see on TV for you.



Original Commercial:


Kids Being Adults



All of us have experience stressful situations where we have to deal with long wait times. In this ad, the kids all play adults who have to wait to be attended or taken care of. The very first scene features a cute little girl dressed as an adult lady waiting in line at the DMV. Of course, most of us know the length of waiting times at the DMV so we can relate to this. When the person calls "Next" the little girl comes up to the counter and the man gives the little girl a ticket. When she looks at the ticket, the number on it is 83. On cue, the man points to the wall which shows they are now serving number 14. Frustrated, the adorable little girl slams her forehead with the ticket.




Original Song:




Lyrics Used in Advert:

Ahh, Ahh,

(You don't know me)

You don't know me at all



The Funniest Scene


The next scene in the commercial is the one which everyone is talking about and one that will have you laughing out loud. A little boy, dressed all grown up, is seen pacing back on forth as he waits on the phone to speak to an operator. The recording then says "Expected wait time, 55 minutes, we appreciate your patience" Upon hearing this, the little boy does something we all thought about doing from time to time when left on hold; he slams his cellular phone on the ground in frustration.  The commercial does end up with a happy ending though as the last toddler is finally taken care of promptly and when she is, she then turns back into her adult self.



Nationwide's message to viewers in this ad is that they know how people feel when they are not treated as a priority. Their motto of "Nationwide is on your side" is also emphasized to viewers. In this commercial. The voice-over was done by none other than famous Hollywood actress Julia Roberts. Message notwithstanding, the commercial is very enjoyable and fun to watch.