Doritos TV Commercial - Dog Buries Cat

Featuring "The Barber Of Neville" Tune By Gioachino Rossinni

Kistunes, the app designed to match the name of the songs used by commercials, recently ran into a Doritos TV advert from back in 2012. The ad is still quite hilarious even though it is a few years old. The Doritos commercial is called 'Dog Buries Cat' or "Missing Cat". The tune used in the background of the commercial is "The Barber Of Neville" By Gioachino Rossini. This particular tune is a contrast to the new 'Pop, Rock & Hip-Hop' latest songs which most companies now use. Also, this song belongs to the classical genre. Interesting enough though, Doritos has been known to use mostly classical music in the background of most of their commercials.


Original Commercial:

A Really Funny Commercial



The concept or storyline used in the Doritos advert is very funny. While a very few amount of viewers found it to be offensive, the vast majority thought and think it is hilarious. This may be due to the concept of a dog actually killing or burying a cat. Nevertheless, most viewers understand that the ad is just that; an really funny advert. 


Dog Bribes His Owner


In the ad, we first see a man working on his garden planting flowers. As the beautiful sounds from the tune "The Barber of Neville" play on for dramatic set-up, then man looks at a dog in the same yard. The dog, a great dane, is seen burying or covering up a collar. Perplexed and surprised, the man turns his head to a "Missing Cat" poster posted on his yard. In the poster, we see a photo of a cat named "Fluffy" wearing a similar looking collar. As the man turns around, he is quickly confronted by the great dane who is now literally in his face. The dog then pushes over a bag of Doritos to the man to bribe him with a 'Post-it' message with the words "You didn't see nuthin". The man smiles, takes the Doritos bag and gives the dog a nod of approval. The ending of the commercial is too hilarious and we won't spoil it for you in case you have not seen it.



Original Song:





Lyrics Used in Advert:


None used - Classical tune





Of course since the tune used in this commercial is a classical one, there are no lyrics used in the ad at all. Still, the dramatic roar from the instruments laced together with the plot are enough. The ad was first aired during Super Bowl XLVI back in 2012.

Back in the early 50's, many of the Looney Tunes cartoons often used classical songs in their episodes. Even The Barber Of Seville was used as well. This may help to understand why Doritos used this song since they wanted to make the commercial a funny and enjoyable one. Doritos clearly has a knack for creating some hilarious and really amusing commercials. If you haven't seen this one, check it out and prepare to smile and chuckle. We sure did, so enjoy it.