Chevy Colorado "Driving to a Different Tune" Commercial

"Rainy Days And Mondays" By the Carpenters and "Back in Black" by AC/DC Songs

Most of the commercials with songs we feature here on Kistunes, the app designed to find and match the names of songs used in ads, usually only contain one song in them. However, the Chevy Colorado "Driving to a different tune" commercial, is not one of them. This ad uses two different songs from two totally distinct in style artists. The first song used in the beginning of the ad is "Rainy Days And Mondays" from the Carpeterters. The second song is the "Back in Black" tune from the hard rock band AC/DC.

Original Commercial:

The two totally different tunes used in the song were all part of the message Chevy was trying to convey to the audience. The first song and part of the commercial being that of a quiet, normal looking man who drives a regular car. The second song and second actor used in the latter part of the ad are totally different. The second man is shown as more of a bad macho man as the louder, more brash AC/DC song is played in the background.


Original Songs:  - Carpenters - Rainy Days And Mondays

Of course this approach actually was cause for some controversy among many people who saw the ad. Some found the connotation Chevy was trying to convey with the first man and the Carpenter song offensive. In their minds they felt as if Chevy was implying that those who listen to the Carpenters and drive regular vehicles are somehow nerds or easy going people while those that listen to AC/DC and drive Chevy trucks are "Badass". One interesting fact we noticed was that only two words “Hanging around” from the lyrics of the Carpenters song were used in the commercial. - AC/DC - Back in Black


Lyrics Used in Advert:

1st Song - Carpenters - Rainy Days And Mondays

hanging around

2nd Song - AC/DC - Back in Black

Back in black

I hit the sack

I've been too long I'm

glad to be back

To understand the derision some may have felt towards Chevy and the ad, one has to see it from the beginning to understand it. In the ad, we first see a man (Actor Brian Tichnell) driving in a car while the tune from the Carpenters is heard playing. As he drives up to a building in a regular, non-luxury vehicle, he passes a group of musicians playing in the street as he heads into the building. Once he gets into the elevator he lets out a "Deep sigh" which appears to show discontent at the normalcy and redundancy of his life. As the elevator doors open, we see the second man, played by actor Jordan James Smith, cooly walk into the elevator with a smile on his face. As he heads out of the elevator, we see a blond woman looks at the man as he exits while she smiles as he walks pass her. He then jumps into his Chevy Colorado truck which he turns on. The audience hears the thunderous roar the Chevy Colorado truck makes as it is turned on. We then begin to hear the song from AC/DC blast loudly from the radio as the man drives away in total satisfaction.


Let's be honest, advertising agencies stirring up controversy in an ad is something most of us have come to expect each year when they are aired during the Super Bowl, as this one was. Companies know that if you cause enough buzz and controversy with your ad, you will get tons of free publicity and social media activity without spending any more money on airtime. It is safe to say most of us are eagerly awaiting what the ads will bring in this year’s Super Bowl.