FitBit Commercial 'Know Your Heart'

FitBit Commercial 'Know Your Heart' - Song "100 Days, 100 Nights" by Sharon Jones

FitBit has a great commercial out called "Know Your Heart" which has people dancing to the tune used in the ad. The song features the hit song from Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings "100 Days & 100 Nights". Kistunes, the app designed to match the name of the songs used by commercials, found a few surprising tidbits (no pun intended) regarding this particular ad and the song used in the background.

The past few years have seen activity tracker maker and seller FitBit become very popular with the explosion of health conscious users all over the world. The ad itself features a man seen running  or trying to keep up with a woman who runs past him. However, his fitbit heart monitor device soon tells him his heart rate is too high as he gives up losing his breath in the process of trying to catch up to her. In the next few shots we see the same man working out on his own doing various exercises to get fit. Before long we see him now running side by side the woman which inspired him to get in shape in the first place. The ending of the commercial is an epic one which we will not ruin for you.

Original Commercial:

Lyrics Used in Advert:


100 days, 100 nights to know a man's heart

And a little more before he knows his own

100 days, 100 nights to know a man's heart


The ad itself is done with genuine simplicity as far as graphics or eye catching commercials go. However, the song, along with the storyline, helps make this ad a huge hit. One of the reasons behind the buzz on the song is not only that it's a really catchy tune, but also the way the song was recorded. You can also add to the fact that the lyrics themselves match perfectly with the storyline used in the advert about knowing your own heart and its limitations.

Original Song:

Kistunes, along with many people who watch the original video from the song, were surprised to know the tune was released in 2007 and not back in the 50's or 60's as most tend to think when they see the video. This is because the video appears in black and white and has a vintage look to it which appears as though it was recorded decades ago and not in 2007. In reality, the video was directed by Adam Elias Buncher who brilliantly came up with the idea. In the video, he ultimately decided on using two vintage TV cameras which end up giving the video that vintage soul 50's-60's look.