Apple iPod Commercial Jet “Are You Gonna Be My Girl?” Song

Most of the ads with songs we write about and feature here on Kistunes often deal with how important it is for a song to help make a commercial a hit or well liked. However, the Apple iPod commercial which features the song "Are you gonna be my girl?" from the group Jet is totally different. In this commercial, the group Jet was actually not that well known (at least not in the USA) since the group is from Australia. Nevertheless, with the effect Apple has on anything it promotes, the Aussie band ended up selling over 3.5 million copies of their album featuring this song. So in reality, the Aussie group ended up being the beneficiary of Apple's popularity and large legion of followers of anything Apple. The group benefited greatly from Apple using their song in its commercial.

Original Commercial:

The commercial is mostly based on silhouette characters dancing, gyrating and jumping to the tune of the song "Are you gonna be my girl" as they all wear their iPods. Apple cleverly used the black silhouette theme to bring emphasis to the white iPods the characters are wearing as they move and dance. In fact, that concept itself (of people being able to jump up and down dancing while still wearing the iPods) started another discussion Online. Many watchers wondered how these people managed to keep their iPods on their ears after jumping and dancing so wildly. That clever tactic brought about many questions and theories about how this was accomplished. Anytime you can get people to talk about your product or commercial is in itself a success.


So this commercial from Apple turned out to be a huge hit for both Apple and the band Jet which capitalized on the tremendous following of devoted buyers and users Apple has.



Original Song::

Lyrics Used in Advert:


So 1, 2, 3, take my hand and come with me

because you look so fine

and i really wanna make you mine.

I say you look so fine

that I really wanna make you mine.

Oh, 4,5,6 c'mon and get your kicks

now you don't need that money

when you look like that, do ya honey.


Apple is one of the world's most recognized & respected brands. Most of their products end up being sold out before they are released. This shows why so many artists and agents would do anything to be featured on any Apple ads. They all know what the Band Jet found out after their song appeared on an Apple commercial. Anything Apple touches or uses, usually turns to gold!