JC Penney Dear America - Say La La Commercial

Nothing like a great song in an ad to make it an instant hit with the audience you're trying to reach. The JC Penney TV spot called "Dear America" which features the song from Keegan DeWitt titled "Say La La" proves that. The ad was first aired on March 25, 2013 on MTV during the video clip comedy show "Ridiculousness" It also aired during the Oscars as well.

Original Commercial:


While the advert in itself is a really simple and down to earth commercial, it still catches your attention with the great song used to accompany it. Most ads these days are full of amazing special effects or some sort of eye catching scenes to get the audience's attention. For the JC Penney "Dear America" commercial, it is all about the products which they are trying to sell. In the ad we see several female models as they pose while showing the clothes from the Joe Fresh clothing brand line.

Original Song:


JC Penney has been around for decades, just like Macy's. They understand that their audience is intelligent enough to know what it wants when it sees it. Hence their reason for this simplistic style in advertising. Nevertheless, it works very well. Sometimes, simple can be a great thing for some products or companies. 

Lyrics Used in Advert:

Say, La La La La

Say, La La La La

We lay in the meadows as the sun gets

Low in the evening

Our truth undone

Say, La La La La


Most people these days when they see or hear a commercial with a song that's catchy want to automatically find out who sings it. Luckily, Kistunes helps them since our app is designed to match the names of the artists and songs used in commercials. The JC Penney ad may not be your normal full of eye catching scenes type of advert. However, in the long run, their message of simple and yet classy is heard and understood loud and clear.