Dish Network "This Is How We Do It" Commercial



Some commercials can really make you chuckle. laugh and are hilariously funny. This is true of the new Dish Network 'Lock Me in Jill' advert featuring the "This is how we do it" tune by artist Montell Jordan. For anyone watching this ad, you cannot help but laugh for various reasons.


Original Commercial:



The ad uses a song originally recorded by Montell Jordan titled "This is how we do it" which became a huge pop hit in the 90’s. However, the commercial for Dish Network ends up using their own version of the song. Still, the results have been very successful judging by the reaction on social media. In the ad, we first see a customer calling a Dish Network customer service rep named Jill.  She answers the phone saying "Calling Dish, this is Jill" and the screen quickly splits to show the caller who responds by saying "Hi I am Joe and I heard I can lock in my price by switching to Dish".


Original Song:


As Jill responds saying yes the fun quickly begins as Joe asks how are they able to do this. Soon after, Jill mentions all of the offers he will get with the Dish package. Jill then turns around and points to some of her Dish Network colleagues who instantly begin to dance and sing "This is how we do it" song in unison.

Pretty soon the entire office is up and dancing, including Jill as she continues to explain the package options. On the other side of the phone, Joe also begins to gyrate and dance as well. The really funny part is when a little girl, who seems to be Joe's daughter walks in on him as he does or tries to do the robot dance. She looks on incredulously at her father's attempt to dance.

The scene is hilarious since it focuses on an old, but still funny concept of people who cannot really dance, but doing so anyway; even if horribly but funny.


Lyrics Used in Advert:


This is how we do it

This is how we do it

This is how we do it


The entire Kistunes staff had so much fun watching this ad as we all imagined how our office would look like if all of us began dancing in together to this tune or one similar. Our app is designed for finding the songs used in commercials for users by linking them here. Dish Network has done a great job with this commercial and we can bet everyone who watches will enjoy it and smile.