Kohl's "Move Your Feet" Commercial With Junior Senior Song

If there's one recipe for a successful commercial it is for the ad to make the viewer feel good and to want join in on the fun while they watch it. The Kohl's "Move your feet" commercial featuring the song from Junior Senior does that and more. In this ad which was created by the Peterson Milla Hooks advertising agency, everyone seems to be moving their feet and dancing as the song suggests. The commercial begins showing several people doing exercises, playing sports and other activities in a normal fashion. However, as soon as the song from artist Junior Senior "Move your feet" begins to play, everyone in the commercial quickly starts to gyrate and move and dance.

Original Commercial:


There are several highlights in the commercial worth mentioning. The first is a man doing exercises on a treadmill at a normal pace. However, soon he begins to move his feet while still on the treadmill in unison with the song making some impressive dance moves. It is pretty amazing and delightful to watch him swerve and move to the groove all the while he is exercising. There's also a lady pushing a stroller with twins whose dancing and positive attitude is contagious. We also see a man doing several awesome dance moves reminiscent of the King of pop himself, Michael Jackson.

Original Song:


Lyrics Used in Advert:



Don't, don't, don't, don't stop the beat

I can't, can't, can't, can't control my feet

P P P people in the street

C'mon everybody and move your feet

Don't stop (don't stop) don't stop the beat

I can't stop (can't stop) can't stop the beat

I won't stop (won't stop) won't stop the beat, go

Everybody, move your feet and feel united

Oh oh oh

Everybody, move your feet and feel united

Oh oh oh, yeah

Everybody, move your feet and feel united

Oh oh oh, yeah

Everybody, move your feet and feel united

Oh oh oh, yeah



Kistunes, the app designed for finding the songs used in commercials, knows that people watching this advert will actually want to end up doing what they see others doing on the screen which is to move their feet united. Based on the many likes and positive comments we have seen this commercial receive online and various social media sites, it is safe to say that this is one big hit for Kohl's and the Peterson Milla Hooks advertising agency.