Amazon Kindle Commercial with Cocoon "Chupee" Song

Kistunes receives many requests from its users when they want to find the name of certain songs used in commercials. Of course this is what our app was designed for. Still, when it comes to the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite commercial and the song used in it, many are unsure since the artists of the song Cocoon are not from the USA. The duo, which released their first album in 2007 titled "My friends all died in a plane crash" are from France which may explain why so many do not know them. However, once you watch this commercial for the first time and hear their catchy tune, you will want to hear the entire song for sure.

Original Commercial:

The advert from Amazon focuses on the problems many people have when it comes to reading Ebooks on a tablet or other devices. The commercial begins with a real pretty woman strolling into a pool filled with several people painfully trying to cover their reading devices as they attempt to block out the sun. This issue is a big problem with e-book readers since the glare of the sun can make it almost impossible to read due to the light. As she sits next to another woman who continues to struggle with her tablet and being able to read, she calmly pulls out her Amazon Kindle. As she pulls out her Kindle, the screen is shown in paperwhite to let readers know the difference. As the song from "Chupee" from Cocoon plays on, the other woman continues to have a hard time reading her device and finally gives up. She ends up eating a piece of watermelon instead as the other woman using the Kindle shrugs to her as if to say "Sorry, get a Kindle"

Original Song:




Lyrics Used in Advert:


We have gone to the country


In your old car

Hello, hello

I take you on a trip

Oh hello, hello, hello, hello


Clearly this is a great commercial since using the Cocoon group's song Chupee only added more intrigue to those watching the ad as they wondered who the artist was. Luckily, apps like Kistunes are here to help those who want to find the names of those songs used in commercials. Keep the requests coming in guys and we will continue to match them for you all.