KIA Sorento "Parking Space" Commercial - Bobby Day "Beep Beep"

For those of us who have gone into a parking lot only to see another person taking up two spaces, this KIA Sorento "Parking Space" commercial is a must watch. Featuring the 1958 classic from Bobby Day and his song "Beep Beep" as the background music, the KIA ad is a success.


Original Commercial:

Kistunes, the app designed to match the names of songs in commercials, found some  interesting facts about this advert. For one, the original song "Beep Beep" from Bobby Day never actually charted back when it was first released. However, it still became a hit; especially in the later days and now with the commercial. Bobby Day is better known for his chart topper "Rocking Robin".




In the KIA Sorento ad, we see a man driving the Sorento accompanied by a female companion and 2 young girls which we assume is his family. As they search for a parking space, they come across an empty parking space. However, it appears as it is an impossible fit. As the driver begins to examine the spot, the KIA is shown electronically pulling in both side mirrors to make more room. The family looks on with incredulity as if doubting the car can fit. Nevertheless, the end result is the car being able to fit in an almost impossible small space as the man exits like a boss while his family stares in disbelief at his accomplishment.


Original Song:



Lyrics Used in Advert:

Lookin’ for you baby, searchin’ all the world around (beep beep beep)

Lookin’ for you baby, searchin’ all the world around (beep beep beep)

I jumped on Sputnik, didn’t know I was spaceward bound (beep beep beep)

I’m flyin’ so fast, just rippin’ through night and day (beep beep beep)

The great thing about the Internet and cool commercials with catchy tunes is that the ads can end up making the song and artist more popular as in this case. It can also lead to free advertising for the company as those who enjoy the commercial share it on both social media and sites like Youtube.