United Airlines, “Rhapsody in Blue”

For all the Kistunes classic music lovers out there we have found a commercial which will be music to your ears. The ad comes from United Airlines and the tune is from "Rhapsody in Blue". One of the most interesting things about this ad was the fact that most of the commercial was filmed aboard a United Airlines airplane. Of course you have to see the commercial to appreciate why this fact is so important.

In the ad, we first see a conductor as he taps his baton to what appears to be an empty auditorium. However, we then hear a beep and see the seatbelt sign from the airplane turn on and the conductor is seen coming at those on board through a TV screen monitor. As the music starts to play we slowly begin to see musicians playing their instruments as the camera pans all around the airplane.

The reason and target for this ad is mostly aimed at those who complain about the lack of room or space on airplanes these days. United Airlines wants the audience to see that if all those instruments such as a tuba can be used on a plane then you should have no problem with room for yourself.

Check out the original song

Rhapsody in Blue is loved by classic music lovers all over the world. Since this song is such a popular classic, it makes the commercial even more entertaining and enjoyable. Kistunes, the app designed to give users the names behind the music in commercials, thoroughly enjoyed this ad.

The fact that we are able to see all of these musicians playing their big instruments as they bellow out this classic tune from their instruments is worth watching this commercial over and over again.