TargetStyle Advert ‘Now This is Plaid’ - "I can't wait" Song

Target, the popular shopping goliath with stores all over the US has recently released an awesome commercial titled "Now this is Plaid, TargetStyle" where they use the hit song by Nu Shooz "I can't wait".

The commercial is being released for Target's autumn season. This tune was first released back in 1986 and became a huge hit. Most people remember the original song as it was released back in the 80's. And although they might feel a bit slighted that the original track was not used, they will still enjoy this ad.

Check out the original song below:

The commercial features numerous fade ins and outs of various models and  actors wearing plaid, of course! The backgrounds are also beautifully displayed in several eye catching plaid colors and patterns. Kistunes, the app designed to find the songs in commercials ads, believes Target hit the mark (No pun intended) with this ad.

With so many eye catching scenarios during the commercial, the viewer can easily be transfixed by the intelligently designed background scenes. Here we see models artfully being camouflaged into the plaid patterns as Target cleverly shows them wearing the Autumn season gear.




Come on,

My love, tell me what it's all about

You got something that I can't live without

I can't wait

Hey darling, when you look into my eyes

hey baby, tell me what it's all about.

I can't wait

I can't wait

Baby, I-I I can't wait

The original "I can't wait" song by Nu Shooz was a huge hit back in the 80's and we can bet all the people who grooved and danced to this tune back then will truly enjoy this ad as well. Still, the new upbeat tempo in which the new version of the song is played out is also very catchy and sure to bring new fans to this oldie, but goodie tune. For those who eagerly await  the Autumn season coming upon us soon, they can happily sing ‘Baby, I can't wait’.