Fly Away with Amazon Kindle's New Commercial

For those of you who love watching older commercials (this one's from 2010) with catchy tunes then the Amazon Kindle, “Fly Me Away” advert is one you are sure to enjoy. Featuring the hit song “Fly Me Away” by Annie Little, this commercial for the Amazon Kindle is a sure hit. 

Kistunes, the app designed to give users the names of the songs in commercials, was surprised to find that Amazon actually used Annie in the commercial as well.

In the original ad we first see an Amazon Kindle and then Annie picks it up as the background around her begins to suddenly change. Using rapid stop motion still photo shots, Annie changes in various outfits and slides in make believe clouds. The directors on file for this ad are both Angela Kohler and Ithyle Griffiths. They both did a wonderful job putting it all together for the audience in a way that captures the imagination. In fact, the commercial ended up winning the Amazon Jury prize and the Audience prize.

Check out the original song here...

We truly enjoyed this advert as well as the appearance of Annie Little while her song played in the background. There aren't that many commercials where the artist of the songs stars in the ad as well. In the end, an Advert aims to catch and keep the audience from not only turning the channel, but to actually watch it. All this is done to cleverly end up selling you the item without seeing like they are doing so. We believe Amazon has met of all those requirements which explains their success with the Fly me away commercial.