The Music of Windows 10

If there is one commercial which instills inspiration and hope in our youth it’s the The Ones Who Will Do Great Things from Windows 10. With the background music from the song “I know it’s True by Ben Talmi, the advert focuses on the future generation and the tools they will need to succeed. Kistunes, the app created to give users the names behind the songs in commercials, gave this advertisement 5 stars. While Windows 10 has not really been the great success Microsoft wanted for their new operating platform, the ones who will do great things advert has.

Released in September 2015 by the M: United Advertising agency, this commercial has a real positive message which both parents and kids can feel inspiration, encouragement and enthusiasm from. The ad was produced by a production company called Tool and directed by Eric Joiner. It focuses on letting the younger generation know that Windows 10 has all the tools necessary for them to find any and all information for everyday living and fun. One of the things our staff in Kistunes enjoyed about this ad was the song “I Know It’s True” by Ben Talmi used in the background. While you only really hear the words "Hey Hey Hey" from the song during the commercial since it is short, those that know the song cannot help but sing to it. Of course for anyone who really wants to hear the entire song, they can always simply get it from iTunes or see the video on Youtube.

Just like in the movies, positive and happy endings are something the audience is always looking for and willing to embrace. While most of us enjoy movies which are sad and tearjerkers, the ones which inspire us and make us want to believe in ourselves seem to be more successful. This is the concept Microsoft was following in the ones who will do great things ad. In the commercial you can hear the narrator say that “One of these kids is going to change the world” as the camera focuses on a little girl using her computer and smiling, the narrator then says “We just need to make sure she has what she needs” This of course is cleverly done to emphasize on the need to have Windows 10 for you or your child. Any parent watching this ad will be easily moved. After all, what parent doesn’t want his or her child to succeed?